​How To Get A Job

​(No College Necessary)

​​At a stage in everyone’s life, there comes a point when that person realizes that if they don't get out of their room, turn off Netflix, and get a job, they probably aren't going to eat next week.

It's a sad day.

Or, probably as the result of another sad day (or a series of sad days), you might find yourself wanting a change in your career.
But where to begin?

In a world where college graduates are struggling to get jobs, how do you go about not only finding a job, but finding a job that you love and that you feel allows you the opportunity to make an impact?

There are many steps you can take to put the odds in your favor. As many people have often affirmed, getting a job can feel like a job itself. The process can seem long, daunting and stressful.

But with​ some determination and strategic application, you can land that dream job you have always wanted.

Here's how.

​Get Talented

One of the ways to prepare yourself to get a job is by learning new skills. It is not enough to rely on what was taught on the four walls of the classroom to prepare you for the right job. You have got to develop yourself with adequate skills.

Thanks to technology, there are many ways one can learn a new skill. ​Websites like Udemy offer ways where people can learn valuable marketplace skills inexpensively.

​You could attend conferences and seminars. The idea is to learn a skill and be very good at it. With time, the skill might one day be your pass to a good paying job.

Do be careful, however, not to go all in on a skill that won't get you very far. ​Remember that the world is ​selfish​. While you may be passionate about something, the rest of the world may not care.

Choose a skill that solves a need for others and you will never know what it is to go jobless.

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​Don't Forget To Remind People How Cool You Are

​Of course, I want to believe you already have a good resume that showcases your skill, ability and what you are capable of.

But many people leave stuff off their resume that may be worth a hire later on.

Think about including unique skills or life experiences on your resume that are unique to you.

Have you traveled to other countries? Explain how doing so has taught you independence, how to adapt and think outside the box, and negotiation skills.

Have you learned to play an instrument, or had your writing featured somewhere interesting (like here)? Explain how you had to learn to be determined, willing to get the job done no matter what.

​Alongside your resume, it is a good idea to keep your LinkedIn profile updated as well. Include every detail as some details might be what will get you to the interview table. Some recruiters prefer going on LinkedIn to source for qualifying candidates.

It is a good idea to let your resume reflect what you are able to do and bring to the organization of your choice, so don't be afraid to include the things that make you ​uniquely you​.​​​

 Also, resist the urge to immediately click apply and send over your resume at every job you qualify for. Taking the time to update your resume and customizing it to the specifics of the job could single you out for success.


​Delete Ya Dumb Tweets

​​​​​And while we're talking about social media, be mindful of what you post. There is a huge chance that prospective employers are doing a background check via social media profiles.

​A report from CareerBuilder survey in 2017 revealed that 70 percent of employers are using social media to research prospective candidate. (source).

The implication of this is obvious if you have a bad online presence; it could cost you the job.

Inappropriate or provocative information, contents or photographs is definitely a turn off to potential employers. Other habits on social media that could jeopardize your chance of being hired are:

  • ​Revealing information about doing drugs or drinking
  • ​Giving derogatory remarks about others
  • ​Being an internet bully
  • angle-right
    ​A non-professional screen name (@kittyloverboo)
  • angle-right
    ​Revealing confidential info
  • angle-right
    ​The things you say or said about your previous jobs and bosses (this is a big one)

​So be careful. If you aren't sure whether or not you should put it on social media, you probably shouldn't put it on social media.

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​​Master The Art Of Timing

​There are some seasons that favor job seekers compared to others. We understand that you might not have the luxury of waiting for a job. However, if your goal is to switch jobs, it is recommended that you commence your job search to when companies recruit.

​According to a recent TopResume survey, the best months to be in the job search are from January to May and during ​the Fall months. (source).

If you are seeking a job in the summer, consider using the period to prepare yourself. Update yourself, gain important skills, update your social media profiles, build networks, learn new skills, and so on.

​This will pay off by the time the hiring kicks off fully.

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​Friends And Jobs

​​​One of the most powerful forces on the face of the planet are when people work together.

When you're in the job search, you are right in the middle of the perfect time to reach out to long lost friends and relatives, distant cousins that are in good positions, college advisors, and others who can help you find a job.

With your huge network, there is a big chance someone in your network might be aware of an open or more importantly put in a good word for you. Letting everyone in your network know that you are searching will make them consider you, should there be an opening.

You can also network by seeking events in your chosen industry. There are cites with professional networking associations that have members that meet regularly.

Getting an opening via networking increases your chances of getting the job tremendously. Thus, you have a direct connection to the job rather than being a random applicant.

As the old saying goes, "Your network is your net worth."

​And don't be afraid to reach out for fear of not being able to give anything to the other person; one day, your friends may need something from you that only you can give them.

​That's what friends are for. So don't be afraid to reach out to the people you know.

friend network

​How Free Work Can Make You Rich

​​When you volunteer, you are making yourself more attractive and desirable to Human Resources Managers. Volunteering can help you develop skills, make new friends, and even makes you happier. (source).

Thus, dedicating your time to causes and helping others greatly increases your chances of getting a job. Even if all you can afford in a whole week is an hour, ​that hour will be well spent in the long run.

Volunteering demonstrates to employers that you have the required skills needed on the job, skills that might not be developed while in school. With volunteering, you show ​that you are willing to go above and beyond what is expected.

You show that you are willing to learn, able to serve, and always dedicated to the cause.

​If you have those traits, you're an ideal candidate for top tier jobs.

​​Play A Long Game

​If you are really serious about getting a job, recruiting agencies could also be of tremendous help.

Recruiters are usually informed on several jobs that are suitable for you and your desired skill sets. They could get you straight to the front of hiring managers thus, saving you time for searching for jobs.

You can also consider temporary jobs to get a quick job.

Although it is only temporary, it is a way to make some money. ​These temporary jobs can help you learn new skills and put some more stuff on your resume.

No one ever starts out at the top. Be willing to work a low level position now so that later, your dream job will be right there waiting for you.

Try to do whatever it takes to get your foot in the door with the company you want to work at. Instead of trying for a C-level position your first interview, play long term. Be willing to get down and dirty now so that you can rise high later.

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Thanks for reading!

​Obviously, getting a job can be a job in itself. Some could see it as a daunting task, but the good news is that all the effort invested will pay off in the future.

And remember: the less people who are willing to do the tasks we've outlined above, the more likely you are to succeed by following them.

You are just a few steps away from your dream job. 

​Let me know in the comments: ​what job are you trying to get?

Stay awesome. Have a great day.

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