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What Are The Best Self Love Books Today?

​What Are The Best Self Love Books Today?

​​Self love is, at its essence, about forgiveness.

We never feel we're good enough. We can't get over that mistake we made. We don't like (and definitely don't ​love​) our bodies.

Self love is about seeing all of that... and offering yourself forgiveness.

Because no one is perfect. And in fact, your imperfection may be the most perfect thing about you.

Who Needs ​​Self Love Books?

​​​​Short answer: anyone who isn't a narcissist.

(don't give these books to a narcissist)

Longer answer: Self love books are all about getting your relationships right, starting with your relationship with yourself.

Self love books are written for those who struggle with:

  • ​Guilt
  • ​Depression
  • ​Anxiety
  • check
  • ​Shame
  • ​Body hatred
  • check
    ​Feelings of not being good enough (insufficiency)
  • check
    ​Feelings of not being as good as someone else (inferiority)

​​If you feel like you struggle with one or several (or, in my case, all) of these, then a self love book may be for you.

What ​Self Love Books Do

Self love books help remind you that you are actually kind of stinkin' awesome.

These books remind you that you are ​not​ your flaws, you are ​not​ your failures.

You are you.

And you are valuable.

Self love books help you see that your faults do not define who you are, whatever those faults may be.

​Once these books have helped you see your own value, they show you how to ​believe ​in your own value using cutting edge techniques straight from the science books.

These books take you full circle from seeing your faults truly and realistically to overcoming your own self doubt.

These books help you become the person you have always known you could be.​​​

​How To Choose The Best ​Self Love Book For You

​We all come to the table with baggage, and all of our baggage is different than all of someone else's baggage.

So you're going to want to pick a book that best solves the problem ​you ​are facing.

Some books specialize in dealing with emotions like self doubt or self hatred, while others are geared toward accepting your body.

Other books have an emphasis on relationships, while others are about achieving freedom through bravery.

The best book for you will be the one that helps you see your own specific issue in a new light and overcome it.

And don't worry, I've ​made it easy to identify which book does what 🙂

​​Our Picks For Best ​Crossfit Shoes

​​I've chosen ​the ​best ​self love books in the world to help you step up your game. These books were graded based on:

​1)​ ​The quality of the information

​2) ​How ​practical the book is

​3)​ ​Whether or not the book covers all that needs to be said about an issue (called "scope")

​For each of these metrics, we've assigned a star rating and then given our own rating, which is an average of all the metrics above.

Best ​For Dealing With Destructive Thoughts




Our Rating

​​​Self compassion is at the heart of what it means to love yourself. 

And if you are dealing with thoughts or emotions that are destructive in nature, that are slowly consuming you, then this is the book for you.

First off, this book is grounded in high quality scientific information. It is ​not ​your​​​​ typical "think happy thoughts, say happy things"​​​ that could be sold in Walmart as Diet Science.

Dr. Gerner, the author, is an acclaimed psychologist to the point where he's often found speaking at Ivy League schools like Harvard.

But this book isn't ​all research. The Mindful Path To Self-Compassion really has a lot of ​​​practical, step by step instructions on how to begin eliminating negative thoughts and emotions from your life.

Finally, this book really covers a lot of ground. There aren't many types of mental or emotional sufferings that won't be addressed, but a few may get less focus than others.

All in all, if you are looking to heal from trauma, stop believing you aren't worthy, or conquer your feelings of self doubt, this book could really go a long way towards helping you out of the pit you've found yourself in.

  • check-circle
    ​Does a great job of giving science without giving ​too​ much and getting bogged down​​​
  • check-circle
    ​Practical tips
  • check-circle
    ​Covers a large portion of types of mental and emotional suffering
  • check-circle
    ​Great for those experiencing destructive thoughts or emotions
  • Does not cover every possible type of emotional and mental burden

Best​ For Those Who ​Have Unrealistic Expectations Of Themselves




Our Rating

​​​​If you consistently find yourself alone, trying to take on the world, you may be setting expectations too high for yourself.

Feelings of loneliness have a ton of horrible effects on us (​we discuss them in this post) and always lead to us feeling burned out and betrayed by those we love.

The Gifts Of Imperfection takes that problem and tackles it head on.

This book is filled with up to date research helping you solve the real problem, not just the symptoms. The author uses a ton of quotes and paraphrases from others to help you get the best information on how to overcome this suffering.

​And then it shows you how to use that information.

This book gets top score on practicality. ​Every single chapter ends in a D.I.G. where the author sums up what you just read and then gives you step by step guides to start doing what you need to do.

That alone is an incredible resource.​​​​​​

And finally, this book does a great job of presenting the entirety of what you need to know to succeed while reading it.

​The only critique is that the author may have leaned a little too heavily on ​her personal life experiences, which some may love and others not so much.

  • ​Great science
  • ​Uses the voices of a ton of experts
  • ​D.I.G. at the end of each chapter will make sure you know how to implement what you just read (that's ​super ​useful)​​​
  • ​Author says all that needs to be said
  • Great for those setting expectations too high for themselves
  • ​Author may lean a little too heavily on personal experience

Best ​For Those Who ​Don't Love Their Bodies




Our Rating

​​​​If you looked in the mirror this morning and said "Eww" then this is the book for you.

We all struggle with self image sometimes and it's easy to get discouraged after trying so hard and not seeing a difference in the mirror or the scales.

This book digs deep to find current information about both physical and mental health, and this book does a good job at showing the link between the two.

​This book isn't just a how-to book, instead it ​helps you address the root of you not loving your body (your own beliefs about how you look and, more importantly, who you are).

From that cornerstone, the book gets practical. It gives effective tips on how to most effectively love your body by being kind to it. Treat your body well, and it will slowly become the body that you love.

And this book really covers a lot of ground. It covers all the bases of body love, addressing what you can do, how you should feel, who you truly are (you are awesome), and helps you see the value in connecting with others who share the same ​goals in life.

The only critique is that some of the tips for health are already included in other books (which, if they work, makes sense).

  • ​Extremely high quality information
  • ​Tons of practical and useful tips
  • ​Talks about the full range of health both mental and physical
  • ​Goes ​beyond other health books by addressing the need for your beliefs to be right and your community to be helpful
  • ​Best for those struggling with body image
  • ​​Some health tips already mentioned in other books (to be honest, I just have to put something here so other people think I'm being fair)

Best ​For Those Who Want To Improve Relationships




Our Rating

​​​​This is the only book on this list that is specifically written with women in mind.

That said, it's probably a book that a ton of people, both men and women, need to read.

If you aren't happy single, you won't be happy in a relationship. And until you get your relationship with yourself right, you will struggle in relationships with other people.

This book ​includes some great information on how to know what you really want from yourself and from your relationships.

Powerful questions frequently asked help you see whether or not you're on the right track.

Once the book has helped you see where you want to go and who you want to be, it gives you practical guidance towards becoming more and more of that person.

And after that, this book offers a step by step approach to finding or fixing the relationships of your dreams.

​Best of all, this book says all that needs to be said about your relationship with yourself and your relationships with others.

Some Amazon reviews mentioned that the author is a little repetitive and that she uses a lot of personal experience.

But even so, this is a great book for finding who you are before you search for who you want to be with.

  • ​Real and encouraging
  • ​Includes great questions for self discovery
  • ​Nicely written and easy to read
  • ​Helps you align with who you want to be and who you want to be with in your life
  • ​Great for those who are in or searching for relationships
  • ​Can be a little repetitive
  • ​Author may use too much personal experience

Best ​For Overcoming Fear And Being Brave




Our Rating

​​​​Daring Greatly confronts the issue of fear with brunt force: 

Until we are vulnerable, we can never be brave.

Daring Greatly expertly combines the research and tips from a ton of different fields all into this one powerful book.

It is filled with well written research, analysis, quotes, and stories of personal triumph (and failure).

And sprinkled throughout the powerful information are pieces of practical advice that are both important and realistic.

The author does not waste time with ineffective or impossible tactics.

This book also does a really great job of talking about everything related to the issues of self-doubt, fear, vulnerability, and courage.

All that said, a few mentioned that the book may have been a bit boring.

All in all, this book checks all the boxes someone who struggles with fear or self-doubt needs. It is a great purchase.

  • ​Does a great job of giving science​​​
  • ​Approaches the concepts of fear and bravery from a new angle
  • ​Easy to read and easy to implement in your life
  • Says all that needs to be said about the topic
  • ​Great for anyone struggling with fear, anxiety, or self-doubt
  • ​Some reviews mentioned it may be a bit boring

Best ​Overall




Our Rating

​​​​If you aren't exactly sure what the problem is, but you know that you need a solution, then this is the book that I recommend for you.

This book serves as a sort of catch-all, and could easily substitute for every category on this list. If you don't know where to start or feel like you have ​lots​ of books you need to read, I suggest beginning with this one.

First, it's loaded ​​​in great, well-researched, practical info. No rah-rah "everything will be fine" stuff here (unless, of course, ​you ​make everything fine with your actions).

Speaking of actions, this book gives you some great ideas on stuff to do. And not only does it give you action tips for a few things, it gives ​universal​advice.

This means that whatever situation you find yourself in, this book gives advice that can help you identify your mental surroundings and take advantage of the situation presented to you.

Whatever that situation may be.

This book is broad, and for that reason, it can lack focus on specific issues. While it may be your best option if you want to tackle several issues or don't know where to begin, you may be better off with another book on this list if you have only one deeply rooted issue.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • check-circle
    ​Does a great job of discussing lots of issues
  • check-circle
    ​Well researched and high quality information
  • check-circle
    ​Universal practical tips that can help you in every situation
  • check-circle
    ​Best overall
  • ​May not be as good for dealing with one specific issue as others on this list


​​Thanks for reading! Since there are so many variables in different workouts, I recommend different ​books for different circumstances. That said, if I only had to recommend one, I would recommend Self Compassion as the best book overall.

​Self Compassion deals with a wide range of various circumstances and is guaranteed to help you in some part of your life.

Let me know in the comments below: ​what is your favorite self love book?

Stay awesome. Have a great day.

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Audible Review: Is This Famous Audiobook Seller Really Worth It?

​​Audible Review: Is This Famous

Audiobook Service Really Worth It?

​​​​​​​​My alarm clock (meaning my phone) buzzed beside me, rattling my whole nightstand.

It was time.


I showered, got dressed, ate a measly breakfast, and got in the car for my 45 minute commute to work.

​The radio played the same songs that it had played yesterday and the day before.

​And frankly?

I was sick of it all.

My morning routine, my job,​ my life. But the one thing that truly ​irked​ me was something most people wouldn't even bother to consider.

I hated driving 45 minutes to work and back.​​​

Pretty pathetic, huh?

I was tired of the same roads, tired of the same routine. I felt like if I could drive less, I would have more time to spend on my personal development and my own goals.

And even then, I knew that time spent on personal development was time spent on my dream life.

It was time spent on being happy.

Feeling constricted, needing a change in routine (and life), I bought my first audiobook. It was The 4-Hour Work Week​ by best selling author Tim Ferriss.

​I plugged in my aux cord, started listening, and literally overnight, my entire life dynamic changed.

​This will sound extreme, but immediately I was excited to wake up in the mornings. I showered fast, sucked down some breakfast, and was always early to work because ​I loved being in the car​.

​I changed the worst part of my day and the rest of my day followed suit.

Now not only was I listening Monday through Friday on my drove to work, I found myself listening to books on the weekends. I listened while exercising, working around the house, running errands, ​even as I was falling asleep​!

​People all over the world have fallen in love with audiobooks. And if you love to read but don't have the money or time, want ​to devote more to your own self-improvement, or simply want to change the routine, I've written this post to be an honest review of the audiobook giant Audible.

If you're looking for anything in particular, here's a quick table of contents for you.

This Audible review is written for those who may be on the fence about Audible or audiobooks​​​​​​​​​​​​ in general. This company is a powerhouse and a giant (being owned by Amazon) and has gained a ton of ground since I started using it.

But first thing's first: who needs it?​​​

Who Needs ​Audible?

​​​Audible was created for people who want (or need) to read but are unable (or just won't do it).

It is perfect for people who have a reading disorder and find books challenging yet still want the knowledge within.

It is perfect for people who want to fall in love with incredible characters, a beautiful story, and be hooked into an excellent plot, but just don't have the time.

Audible is a masterpiece for those that realize the importance of self-improvement but simply are unable to spend the proper amount of time constructing their dream lives.

If you want to read but don't have the time, need a change in routine but don't know where to go, or desire the knowledge that books contain without actually wanting to ​read​ (there's no shame in not enjoying reading), then Audible was created with you in mind.​​​

If any of these are you, Audible is perfect for you.

​​​What ​​​Audible Does

​​Audible started from the great idea (seriously, it was brilliant) that the company would make reading easier, faster, and more accessible.

How would they do this?

​They would read the book to you​.

Today, the company continues that time honored convenience.​​​

Audible reads books to you.

​And we'll talk more about this later, but Audible is capable of reading ​a lot​ of books to you. Like, a whole lot of books.

​Everything from New York Times Bestsellers to indie mom-and-pop books can be found on Audible. Audible even have their own exclusive books, meaning that some books can ​only be found​ on Audible.

It's perfect to listen in the car, turn on during a run, or even for some great background noise as you clean the house, watch the kids, or do whatever your tasks for the day are.

And most surprisingly of all, having your personal butler read you books doesn't cost​​​​​​ as much as you would think.

My average cost per audiobook is less than $9.88. At less than $10, I actually listen to books less expensively than I read them.

Audible brings the power and joys of knowledge, stories, and lives to you inexpensively in a way that anyone can use.

​The Competition And Audible's Slim Chance Of ​Success

​​​Audible has to compete with a couple of competitors in the audiobook space and everyone should ask one simply question when looking to get any new service: "Is this one the right one for me?"

And the fact of the matter is this: the audiobook space has a lot of players.

Each one claims to be the best at something and tries to accomplish everything, so the odds of one player being better than all the others (no matter how fragile some of them are) is really slim to none.

​While there are many players in the audiobook space, only a few are truly worth considering. Outside of a few large players, other companies are extremely limited in titles (such as only having audiobooks from your local library), narrated solely by volunteers instead of professionals (and thus lowering overall voice actor quality), or only allow you to "rent" books (preventing you from downloading, listening offline, or keeping the title).

Audible's main competitors are Audiobooks Now,, and Playster. Let's take a look at each of these.

I've judged each competitor based on the size of their library, the features used, and the price of the service.




Our Rating

Audiobooks Now is, in my opinion, the best competitor to Audible. It has one of the more sizable libraries among audiobook sellers, ranging in at about 80,000-100,000 books.

Audiobooks Now does have some neat features, especially in its app. You can change playback speeds, decide to stream or download the book you're listening to, set sleep timers, and so on.

Audiobooks Now really tries to push their pricing model as the premium pricing model. For $4.99/month, you get 50% off your first audiobook each month and 30-40% off other purchases.

While this price sounds great, I did a search of many popular titles and found that even after the 50% discount, you actually end up paying ​more​ than what many audiobooks cost with other services, not even counting your $4.99/month membership fee.

​While not every popular book was more expensive with this service, Audiobooks Now leaves some to be desired and may not be the pricing paragon it claims to be.

  • check-circle
    ​Has a large library
  • check-circle
    ​Good features on website and app
  • check-circle
    ​Clear pricing model
  • ​Other sellers have a more significant library
  • Times Circle
    ​Pricing model seems inexpensive, but may end up costing more per book than other services




Our Rating is another competitor of Audible. With a library of over 100,000 books, it ​has a larger selection than many audiobook sellers. has many similar app functions as other audiobook sellers: set playback speeds, sleep timers, place bookmarks or notes, and so on. has a very simple pricing model: pay $14.95/month for a credit, then buy additional credits for $14.95 if you want.

The additional credits are a nice feature because it essentially caps the cost of books at $14.95, no matter what the book is. Many books obviously cost less than $14.95 and can be purchased without using a credit.

The extra credit option is really a nice perk here. If for some reason you are totally anti-Amazon, you'll probably be pretty satisfied with

  • check-circle
    ​One of the larger libraries among sellers
  • check-circle
    ​Good features on website and app
  • check-circle
    Can purchase other credits, capping the cost of books
  • ​Significant library lacks many popular books




Our Rating

​Playster, even as a viable alternative to Audible, markets itself more as a full-service subscription than just an audiobook seller, so it has trouble competing with services like Audible.

Playster has about 40,000 audiobook titles, which means you'll be getting a much more limited selection than with other providers.

Playster has a nice app with all the common features, but I have one major gripe with the features of Playster: once your subscription ends, your audiobooks are gone. There's no option to truly purchase an audiobook.

On the flip side, Playster scores well on the Price metric because it works as a subscription service, not as a seller. So while you can't actually buy and books (and thus can't use them after the subscription), you can read as much as you want while your subscription is active.

This sounds great in theory, but the limited library really hinders the effectiveness of this Netflix-style model.

  • check-circle
    ​Can read as many books as you want during active subscription
  • ​Small library
  • Times Circle
    ​Can't buy or keep books after subscription ends

How Audible Stands Out Among Its Competitors

Even though there are many players in the audiobook space, Audible consistently outperforms on almost all key metrics.

It really is the Babe Ruth of audiobooks, hitting homer after homer.

Audible has remained my audiobook provider of choice because it consistently excels at providing what ​audiobook services need in regard to titles available, app and website features, and pricing. Let's take a look at each.




​Our Rating

​​​​​​​Audible consistently clocks in as a preferred audiobook provider because it really shines above much of the competition.

Even in the past few years, Audible has made significant improvements in regards to what all you get with this service.

To start off with, Audible's library is big. ​Big​big​. The most recent number I found was a little dated (2016) but even then, Audible was clocking in at over 200,000 books. Since I have been using Audible, they have consistently added new titles.

I have rarely searched out a book on Audible to find that it wasn't available, but it does happen occasionally. Audible doesn't contain every audiobook in the world, but ​I should mention that when a title is unable to be found on Audible, that title may not be available anywhere.

Audible has been great about restocking the shelves with new and excellent reads.

Audible also has some really neat features that serve ​to distinguish it from the competition in a lot of areas.

Since Audible is an Amazon company, they obviously link up with everything Amazon. And I mean ​everything​. If you listen across multiple devices, your place is automatically updated so you won't have to find the exact time you left off. Another cool Amazon perk is that Audible can sync up with your Alexa device and Alexa will read your books to you.

​Also in the feature list, Audible has ​​​a neat deal with Kindle called Whispersync. If you buy the Kindle and Audible versions of a book (​which does get you a discount), you can have the book read to you while you follow along in Kindle. The apps automatically track where the speaker is and it's super easy to read alongside the narrator.

As far as pricing goes, Audible offers a standard option of one credit per month for $14.95 and with this monthly subscription, you get 30% off all titles.

That is pretty standard, but Audible ​shines above the competition in two powerful ways:

First, Audible offers more ways to subscribe than one. While the standard subscription offers credits for $14.95/credit, one subscription model can get you credits for as low as $9.57/credit. There's a wide range of options.

​Surprisingly, a massive majority of the competitors I looked at only offer one membership option. Audible currently offers four.

Second, Audible offers what they call "The Great Listen Guarantee".

​It. Is. Amazing.

If you don't love a book, you can return it for a full refund ​even after listening to it​.

I'm sure there's some way they prevent abuse, but I have returned over 10% of my books and saw no repercussions.​​​

While Audible's standard membership may be slightly more pricey than a few competitors, the wide range of titles, great feature list, and ​amazing​ refund policy more than make up for it.​​​

Right now, Audible is offering a trial where you get any two audiobooks for free. If you're interested, click the button below.

  • ​Massive library (200,000+)
  • ​New titles added often
  • ​Links with Amazon and can be used on Alexa devices
  • ​Tracks your place on any device
  • ​Whispersync allows the book to be read to you while you follow along
  • ​Offers four different membership options
  • ​Great Listen Guarantee
  • times-circle
    ​Standard membership may have you paying more than some competitors

​Audible's Membership Options

​As mentioned earlier that Audible stands out from competitors in one way by offering a variety of membership options.

Here, I will further explain those options. The biggest difference between memberships is how many credits you get and the average cost per credit, so here are some common traits among all the memberships.

  • ​Receive credits to be used for any book you choose. One credit = one book
  • ​Receive a 30% disount on all books if you do not want to use a credit
  • ​Keep all books after membership expires
  • check
    ​No ads
  • check
    ​Listen offline
  • check
    ​Great Listen Guarantee - If you don't like a book, exchange it
  • check
    ​Audible shows - Audible's take on podcasts

​Gold Monthly​: Gold Monthly serves as Audible's standard option. After you try Audible for free, you'll be charged $14.95 per month and get one credit.

Average Cost Per Credit​: $14.95

​​​​​​​Gold Annual​: Gold Annual is a bit of an upgrade from Gold Monthly. You'll pay $149.50 and receive your 12 credits all at once. This means you get two months ​free​.

​Average Cost Per Credit​: $​12.46

​Platinum Monthly​: Platinum Monthly is where Audible really begins to shine. For two credits per month, you'll pay ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​$22.95 per month.

​Average Cost Per Credit​: $11.48

​Platinum Annual​: Platinum Annual ​says that if you pay $229.50, you'll receive​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 24 credits all at once. This plan gives you two months ​free​, four credits ​free​, and Platinum Annual is Audible's way of crushing the competition, even on price.

​Average Cost Per Credit​: $9.57​​​​​​​​​

​Audible's Free Trial​: While Audible's membership options are wide and varied, the best membership option is always the free membership option.

On this front, Audible is offering a special promotion right now (that they could end at any time) where you can get two audiobooks for free.

Don't love the service after your two free audiobooks? No problem. They are yours to keep.

Click below to try Audible for free.​​​​​​​​


Based on the library size, the feature list, and the price points, I recommend Audible as the best audiobook service on the market today.

If you are looking to get in a good read without spending the time, need some variety on your work commute, want to improve yourself, or want to save money on books, audiobooks can serve as a great option to fill those needs.

​Tell us in the comments below: What's your experience been with audiobooks? What are you looking for in an audiobook provider?

Thanks for reading!

Stay awesome. Have a great day.

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What Is The Best Self Help Book Of 2019?

​What Is The Best
​​Self Help Book Of 2019?

​​​​​​​Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

​Maybe it is your job weighing down on you, a rift in your family, a personal struggle, a battle within yourself; there is no shame in admitting that you simply don't have the tools and resources to solve the problem ​right now​​​.

​It doesn't mean that your mountain cannot be overcome, your challenge cannot be defeated, or your life cannot be improved.

​Sometimes we just need an extra boost.

If you've ever seen a review on this site before, they usually look different than this one. Since everyone has different needs and are looking for different things, I have broken down self help books into categories and given a review of the top one in each category.

If you​'re eager to get going and just want to see the best book for each category, here's a little table of contents for you. Click on any of these titles and you'll go straight to the best book for that category.

Who Needs A ​​Self Help Book?

​​As Hal Elrod taught me in his life-changing book The Miracle Morning, I owe it to myself, my family, my friends, my associates, and the world to be the best version of myself that I can be.

You owe it to them too because check this out: the world is a worse place if you are not your best version of you.

And you deserve happiness. You deserve success. You deserve to conquer the mountains standing before you.

You deserve to win at life, my friend.

And because you deserve to be the best version of you, ​your family, friends, associates, and the world need you to be​.

The world needs you to be who you truly want to be.

And I have bad news: you aren't strong enough alone.

But with a mentor? With a guide? With someone who has made the mistakes, done the research, performed the tests, and found a better way?

Absolutely. If you can get that person, there is nothing holding you back.

And the least expensive, least time consuming way to have a mentor is to read a book.

The author has made the boo-boos and recovered. He or she has healed and holds scars. This person has seen the evidence and analyzed it for us.

Books hold lifetimes worth of information and expertise boiled down where we can consume them in only a few hours.

Who needs a self help book?

I do. You do. Your friends, family, associates, and the world do because ​we can not do this alone​.

​We must learn from the experiences of others because life is too short for us to learn everything we need through trial and error.

If you want to improve your life, heal your wounds, learn new skills, motivate yourself, or become the version of you that you have always dreamed of, you need a self help book.

It will be your guide.​​​​​​

​​​What ​​Self Help Books Do

​Self help books are fantastic servants, yet they are somewhat limited.

A self help book can do anything from teach you a new skill to help you battle your depression. Literally any topic can be discussed, dissected, and analyzed.

In this way, self help books help you solve your problems by providing solutions or giving you tools to use.

​As mentioned before, however, they are somewhat limited.

A self help book dealing with mental suffering will probably not teach you how to be a better leader.

A book explaining the ins and outs of options trading won't talk too much about dealing with your family.

Since self help books are at once so incredibly useful while also being limited in what exactly they are useful ​for​, we need to discuss how to choose the best one for you.​​​​

​How To Choose The Best ​Self Help Book For You

​The best self help book for you will be the book that uniquely tailors to what you are trying to accomplish.

​Some books are best for ​learning skills, becoming more efficient, and mastering the physical or mental arenas of life.

Some books are great for ​healing emotional wounds, teaching you how to connect with people, and helping you to mend emotional or spiritual aspects of life.

​Of course, there is no reason to ever stop improving yourself. While it may be wise to only ​start​ with one of these books, you would in no way be out of place to read many or all of them.

Find the books that speak to your situation, master those books, and then continue improving yourself.

​​Our Picks For Best ​​​Self Help Books

​​I've chosen ​the most useful self help books to review based on the quality of the information within, how practical the information is, and ​the range of topics the books deal with (called "scope").

Let's see how they all stack up and hopefully you can find the one you would like to try out.

Best Book For ​Achieving Financial Independence




Our Rating

​If you've ever looked at this site and wondered, "Gee, I wonder what made Brady want to write all this stuff," then you can sleep well tonight, because here it is: this book started it all.

From helping me to see the massive dangers of debt to realizing exactly how much of my life that my 45 minute daily commute was stealing, this book was, is, and forever will be a lifesaver for me.

The information within is of the absolute highest quality. It's not the regurgitated "don't buy a Starbucks latte or you'll never retire" junk that you see all over the financial independence niche, though it does have good pointers for keeping more money than you are right now. Your Money Or Your Life goes into excruciatingly painful details on exactly how your money and your time are related.

What it finds should be horrifying to us.

Your Money Or Your Life will help you to think in new ways about your money, your debt, your income, and (most crucial to it all) your time.

This book covers all you'll ever need to know about personal finance, financial independence, money management, debt elimination, and increasing your income.

It's filled with the highest quality information, covers a ton of topics, and boy oh boy is this book practical.

Your Money Or Your Life gives step by step instructions on how to track your exact income, ​every single expense in your life​, your hours worked, and exactly how much your purchases are costing you (it's more than just money).

This is the greatest personal finance and financial independence book of all time.

And best of all?

It helps us to remember (or realize) that no matter who you are, what your past is, or what you want to do with your life, that you can and deserve to be free from financial slavery.

Give it a read.​​​

  • check-circle
    ​Not the same regurgitated junk in every financial independence source
  • check-circle
    ​Goes into ​excruciating​ detail ​​​
  • check-circle
    ​Helps you track true income, expenses, and your time cost of every activity
  • check-circle
    ​Explains how to destroy your debt, increase your income, and have more time
  • check-circle
    ​High quality information and covers a huge range of topics
  • check-circle
    ​Very practical. This book includes step by step instructions to make financial independence easy for anyone
  • ​So much detail that it can seem repetitive later on

Best Book For Creating Happiness And ​Conquering Depression




Our Rating

​​​​​​Wow. Talk about a life changing book.

The Happiness Advantage intends to be just that: life changing.

Shawn Achor sets out using his own worldwide experience and time with world class achievers to prove that success does ​not ​increase happiness.

It's the other way around.

Happiness increases success.

Once Shawn has proven this incredible nugget with story after story and study after study, he gives a deep dive to show how we can develop happiness in our daily lives.

His practical tips are, once again, proven by experience and lab work.

This means that he isn't pulling stuff out of the air and selling it to you in a book promising to make you happy. This book is ​not​ fluff. It is scientific, intelligent, and gives step by step instructions on how to improve your happiness levels.

This book is powerful, credible, practical, and covers the full spectrum of the emotion we call happiness.

My one gripe is how often the author reminds us about his time at Harvard. He talks about himself a good bit, but don't let one minor flaw ruin this incredible read.

Some may not even consider the author talking of his accomplishments a flaw, as it does contribute to the overall narrative of the book.

Practicing the steps within are guaranteed to change your life permanently for the better.​​​​​​

This book is a read that's worth it.

  • check-circle
    ​Filled with tons of stories
  • check-circle
    ​Lots of research
  • check-circle
    ​Includes scientific evidence on how to be happy
  • check-circle
    ​Practical. Includes step by step instructions and practices to develop in your daily life
  • check-circle
    ​Covers the full spectrum of happiness, depression, and success
  • times-circle
    ​Author talks about himself more than some may appreciate

Best Book For ​Encouragement And Motivation




Our Rating

​​​​​​I can't tell you how many people I've heard say negative things about Tony Robbins and his audience only to be converted later.

I place myself in this category as well.

"He's just a mumbo jumbo fluffy self-help guy who calls himself a guru," I would think to myself, skipping over his book suggestions in Amazon.

Man was I wrong or what.

I've become a huge fan of Tony in the past few years and no work of his is as impressive in my mind as Awaken The Giant Within.

This book has top tier, extremely high quality information in it. It talks about succeeding and accomplishing physical, emotional, mental, and financial goals with such grace that few other books match it.

Even though this book has such high quality information and covers so many topics, it is still extremely practical. Tony gives step by step instructions on how to set goals, figure out what you really want, and hit the target you're aiming for.

Some say that this book is a bit fluffy, but others appreciate the vast amount of details, guides, and help within.

Above all, this book always reminds us: we are not a product of our past. We can change, adapt, and we are always capable of improving.

Well worth a read.

  • check-circle
    ​Lots of information on how to be the best version of you
  • check-circle
    ​Wide scope: discusses physical, emotional, mental, and financial success
  • check-circle
    ​Has practical tactics and tips for achieving what we want to achieve
  • check-circle
    ​Extremely high quality information
  • times-circle
    ​Might have some fluff

​​​Best Book For Entrepreneurs