How To Get Motivated (And Stay That Way)

​​When it comes to the human body, not much else is more important than water.

Having the right amount can help your body and your mind to achieve levels of activity, intelligence, and power that others who are experiencing dehydration just can't achieve.

Not drinking enough water is shown to decrease our concentration, cause extreme fatigue, ruin our skin, and literally cause pain in the form of headaches and muscle cramps. (source).

​So with that out of the way, let's look at some benefits of drinking water.

1. ​Lose And Manage Your Weight

As you're aware by now, losing weight isn't quite as simple as visiting the gym twice a week and flexing in front of every mirror you see.

Water can help us out here.

Since water serves as a natural appetite suppressant, aiding the metabolism, with a glass of water or two before a meal you are less likely to gain weight and the job of losing it is all that much easier. (source).

​2. ​Get Rid Of Them Nasty Toxins

​There are many ways that water helps rid the body of toxins:

​​Sweating​, going to the bathroom, and even something as simple as breathing all play significant roles in the removal of body waste and water's presence is ​pretty much essential to all of these processes.

​In the times when we consume excess toxins (like that triple stacked cheeseburger you just ate), the body's organs are usually equipped with the capacity to get rid of these harmful materials.

​​But when aren't drinking enough water, we're subject to buildups of harmful chemicals. This is where your uncle's horror story about kidney stones comes from.

Not drinking enough water can also lead to increases in toxins or harmful substances in the eyes, nose, and throat since these substances aren't getting washed out like normal.

​3. Get That Smooth Skin You've Always Wanted

​Dehydration can make your skin look tight, flaky and dry. And not one person who looked like a Greek God has ever had tight, flaky, or dry skin.

It's bad news. ​

​Even worse, dehydration leads to an increase in oil ​in our skin which, besides sounding gross, causes more pimples than normal (seriously, you'll look like a pubescent 12 year old).

But drinking enough water ensures that our skin looks and feels healthy, plus it naturally limits wrinkles.

​4. Keep The Movements Moving

​Dehydration equals constipation.

Write it down, stick it on your bathroom mirror.

To keep all the movements moving quickly and easily, we recommend making water your absolute best friend.

And remember: true friends drink their best friends frequently.

​5. Keep Your Joints ​So ​Young​​​

Do you wake up in the mornings feeling like someone placed a voodoo hex on your back and knees?

Have no fear, water is here!

When you don't have enough water and are dehydrated​​, your body takes water from all the ​not real important stuff (joints, muscles) and puts it into the real, real important stuff (organs).

If you wake up in the mornings and feel joint pain that eases as the day goes on, lack of hydration may be a culprit. Try to drink more before bed or during the night to prevent this.

​6. Transform Into Tom Brady Through Your Athletic Prowess

Like we discussed above with your joints, inadequate hydration leads to decreased performance. The same applies for muscles.

And no, you probably won't transform into Tom Brady with adequate water. Aquaman is much more likely.

Whoever your preferred transmorphation is, the science is clear: less water means your muscles will basically begin to treat you like you're 80, which hampers in on all sorts of fun.

​Maximize athletic ability, decrease muscle pain, and increase recovery by staying hydrated.​

​7. ​Stop Bombs Going Off In Your Brain

If you​r head frequently feels like you have cluster bombs going off inside, we have good news:

​It may just be a signal that you need more water.

It also may be cluster bombs. We don't know.

But most likely it isn't, which means that your chances of your migraine or headache being water-related are all that more likely. 

​Drinking sufficient water is so powerful that one study called it a "cost effective, low-risk, and non-invasive intervention to reduce or prevent headache pain." (source).

So next time ya brain starts throbbin', go drink a glass. But if you've been drinking ​another​ type of glass...​​​

​​8. ​​​The Secret Ingredient To Hangover Cures

If you feel like I've been talking ​really loud​ this whole time, this tip is for you.

​​​Alcohol, being a diuretic, increases the passing of urine; in short, your body turns into a fire hydrant. ​

​To get fast hangover treatment, no need to use that ungodly brew from your grandmother passed down as a "family secret". Just drink a glass of water and you'll feel ready to go to your local watering hole again in no time.

​9. Literally Stop Your Brain From Shrinking

​Yes, this really does happen.

A recent study showed that dehydration caused by working out for 90 minutes without replenishing your fluids shrunk your brain as much as a year of ageing and months of Alzheimers. (source).

Drink your water people.

10. Literally Makes You Smarter

​The same study above showed than when we are dehydrated, we have to use more energy to achieve the same results.

Being without water literally makes you dumber.

Drink your water people.

​11. Have The Heart Of A Horse

​When we don't drink enough water, our blood gets thicker than your fat uncle's waistline after a holiday meal.

​This raises your blood pressure and puts a strain on your heart. While the strain may not be too bad in the short term, enough of these strains in the long term can cause serious heart problems.

​0/10. Would not recommend.

​12. If You Were A Superhero, You'd Be SuperOrgans

​We've talked about how water helps your skin, your kidneys, your brain, and your heart.

It also helps other organs attain all the vital chemicals they need so you don't develop chronic conditions.

Time to don your cape, SuperOrgans. Crime (of not drinking enough water) awaits.

​13. Have The World's Best Breath

I'm not saying that you can get rid of that foul stench of onions and garlic before you go on your first date just by drinking water, but it'll sure help you seem more human and less swamp creature.​

14. PH = Perfectly Healthy

​Your PH levels in your body are literally a measure of how acidic you are.

Not acidic as a person! I'm sure everyone loves to be around you. We're talking about literally acidic. Like, where you are on a scale of bananas to oranges.

Being too close to the oranges (meaning your PH is too high) can pretty much make all of your life horrible. Having a high PH is associated with everything from muscular cramps to bad breath to how ladies smell... ​erm​... ​down there​.

Just make sure to drink enough water that you don't start having acid spit and you'll probably be fine. But how do we know how much is enough?​​​​​​

​How Much Water Should I Drink?

​There ​are no official standards for how much water you should be drinking on a daily basis.

This is because of the variables like age, sex, weight, level of physical activities, the climate of your area etc. ​The 8x8 rule (8 glasses a day, 8 oz each) serves as a general guideline, but you may be needing more than that.

​This is an area where it's better to go a little bit over than a little bit under, but for the average person, your thirst is a pretty good gauge of how much water you need.

Pay attention to your body here. If you're thirsty or your urine is a yellow color, this is the body's way of saying "Hey dingbat! We need more water!"

And, if you're unsure, go ahead and drink another glass anyways.


Thanks for reading!

​Water is, by basically every definition ever, pretty much the coolest stuff since sliced bread and peanut butter.

​Let me know in the comments: ​what are your drinking habits and what do you recommend for others?

Stay awesome. Have a great day.

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