​Elite Happiness is an online network that ​strives to solve every day problems in the lives of our readers. Think your product, company, website, or whatever else you have will improve people's lives? We different options to promote your brand.

  • Email blasts
  • Paid Reviews
  • Social media campaigns will be available when we open and pursue social media forms of interaction
  • We do not currently support banner advertisements, but could probably be convinced to do so if you brought us cookies

With paid reviews, you are paying for our time to conduct a review. We need a sample of your product to accurately review it. We will be honest in our review, so please make sure you only ask us to review quality products (and cookies).

Note that all hyperlinks resulting from sponsored activity will have the rel=no follow attribute attached. We do not permit paid links under any circumstances!


In the future, we'll have someone to handle all advertising for us. For now, it's just Brady.

 Please direct all advertising requests to [email protected]​​​